Our department is involved in a wide range of scientific and research activities. Expert teams are formed on the basis of individual specialized R&D areas, the overview of which is given below. Cooperation with industry and universities and other academic institutions is an integral part of our activities. Our work is supported by a number of sponsors and funding organizations.

A significant part of our results can be found in the annual overview of publications and research projects on the website of the faculty or in the V3S system, which records the results of science and research, and other academic activities.

Selection of R&D areas

  • Network coding in wireless networks with random connectivity and massive interference
  • Implementation of the European navigation system Galileo in the Czech Republic
  • Modelling and verification of quality of service (QoS) assessment methods in multimedia systems
  • Design of quality testing methods for calomel-based optical elements
  • Development of a network of robotic telescopes
  • Participation in the preparation of European Space Agency space missions (LOFT, SMILE, ATHENA, THESEUS)
  • Monitoring of optical counterparts of gamma-ray bursts
  • Digitization and processing of imaging systems
  • Design of imaging systems
  • Symbolic and semi-symbolic methods in high power high frequency applications